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The Shiv raises the bar for other budding singers, songwriters, and music artists with his powerful EPs and tracks.

He is looking forward to his upcoming EP, “Desire,” and wishes to mark his prominence in the near future in the world of music.

The world has been a witness to the rise and even fall of several professionals, entrepreneurs, experts, artists, and many others. The ones that fell short of making it huge in their careers were those who only blindly followed others and never tried to innovate in their fields, while the ones who exceeded boundaries and created massive success were those who kept hustling, learning, experimenting, and innovating their way to the top. Not all take such risks in overly competitive industries like music, but there have been rare gems like The Shiv, who have done that and proved their mettle to the world even amidst saturation as singers, songwriters, and music artists.

The Shiv is the one who has never ceased to amaze people with his EPs and tracks. The proof is the success his song “Let’s Make Some Love” attained in recent times. Another proof is the insane streams and likes of his EP “Alone,” with songs like “You Never Know” and “Cried So Hard,” which gave cold vibes and thrilled everyone. In the song, Cried So Hard, he has made people take an internal journey with God and take out all their hidden emotions and feelings, while with You Never Know, he makes people experience a dreamy vibe, a vibe that helps people think about the one they wish for and want to spend the rest of their lives. It is about wanting to be together with the loved one and still keeping the tempting feeling deep inside.

The Shiv can’t wait to offer listeners his new EP “Desire,” and already has created two songs, “Playboy” and “Temptation,” capable of putting souls on fire and will offer a power pack of lust, desire, fantasies, seduction, love and more. His efforts towards making songs with a certain catchy vibe and lyrics enough to get hooked to have helped him thrust forward in the industry.

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