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President Biden Addresses Nation, Seeks Congressional Support for Israel and Ukraine

Washington, D.C.– In a rare Oval Office speech, President Joe Biden addressed the American people, expressing his commitment to support Israel and Ukraine by requesting additional funding from Congress. He underscored that both nations were defending democracy against different threats.

The President drew a parallel between the actions of Hamas in Israel and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, emphasizing that both aimed to undermine neighboring democracies.

Biden stressed that preventing such aggression was essential not only for the United States’ security but also for global stability. He warned that if the U.S. did not act against these aggressors, it could embolden others to follow suit, potentially spreading conflict worldwide.

During the ten-minute speech, President Biden asserted that American leadership is crucial for maintaining world order. He highlighted the significance of American alliances in ensuring national security and the role of American values in making the U.S. an attractive partner for other nations.

The President’s address came shortly after his return from Tel Aviv, where he reaffirmed U.S. support for Israel despite its ongoing blockade of Gaza and continuous bombardment of the Palestinian enclave.

Biden’s visit was intended to include discussions with Arab leaders, but the talks were canceled after an attack on Gaza’s Al-Ahli Arab Hospital, resulting in casualties. Amid calls for a ceasefire, the President succeeded in securing a commitment from Israel and Egypt to open the Rafah crossing to facilitate humanitarian aid delivery to Gaza.

President Biden announced his intention to request urgent funding from Congress to support Israel and Ukraine, although he did not specify the exact amount. Reports suggest it could be as high as $100 billion. The President emphasized that this investment would pay long-term dividends in terms of American security.

The President’s address comes at a time of political gridlock in Congress, with the Republican party, which controls the House of Representatives, facing challenges in appointing a new House Speaker. President Biden called on politicians to rise above partisan divisions and fulfill their responsibilities.

While a small group of ultra-conservative Republicans has voiced opposition to continued funding for Ukraine, public opinion in the U.S. remains largely supportive of the initiative. Analysts suggest that Biden’s speech may garner additional support.

President Biden also expressed his concern about the ongoing conflict in Gaza, which began on October 7. He accused Hamas of unleashing “pure, unadulterated evil” and reiterated his commitment to bringing home U.S. citizens held by the group.

While expressing support for Israel, Biden conveyed his “heartbreak” over the loss of Palestinian lives. He emphasized the urgent need for humanitarian assistance in Gaza and the importance of a two-state solution for lasting peace.

The President’s address concluded with a reaffirmation of U.S. support for Ukraine in its efforts to repel Russian forces. He assured that the U.S. would provide the necessary weapons for Ukraine’s defense but clarified that there were no plans to send U.S. troops to Eastern Europe. He praised the Ukrainian people for their bravery and their reclamation of territory from Russian occupation.

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