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YouTube star Etika, 29, discovered dead about seven days after posting concerning video

YouTube star Etika has died at age 29. The New York Police Department affirmed that the gaming vlogger, whose genuine name is Desmond Amofah, was discovered dead about seven days after he disappeared.

“On Monday, June 24, 2019 … police responded to a 911 call for a person floating in the waters in the vicinity of South Street Seaport,” Detective Sophia Mason disclosed to USA TODAY in an announcement.

Mason said Amofah was identified Tuesday, and that the medicinal analyst will determine how he passed on.

Specialists began a search for Amofah on June 20 after he posted a disturbing video titled “I’m sorry,” which caused fans to worry about his well-being.

“Have you seen Desmond Amofah aka Etika? He was last heard from June 19 at about 8PM by phone,” the NYPD tweeted last week.”He is a known @YouTube blogger and has many people concerned after a recent video.”

In the video, which was later evacuated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines, Amofah shared suicidal thoughts, apologized for pushing individuals away and cautioned about the dangers of social media.

The official Twitter page for YouTube Creators called Amofah, who had more than 130,000 subscribers on the platform, a “beloved member of our gaming creator community.”

“We mourn the loss of Etika,” the account tweeted. “All of us at YouTube are sending condolences to his loved ones and fans.”

In another tweet, the YouTube Creators account gave the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for others battling with mental health issues.

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