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Instagram Model Celebrates Quarter Million Follower Milestone Alongside Oregon Artist NORD

Sydney May Vezina is an 18-year-old internet personality and female model who first started to gain notoriety for her TikTok dance videos and lifestyle content across various additional social media profiles. With over two million followers on her TikTok profile already, Sydney just recently passed the two-hundred and fifty-thousand follower milestone on her Instagram profile. The most popular content form consumed by Vezina’s fans are her short-form TikTok videos, which are more frequently posted in comparison to her additional social media profile activity.

The aspiring model didn’t reach this impressive follower-count milestone completely alone, however. Ever since the frequency of the modeling style photos being posted on Sydney’s Instagram page increased, she began working alongside a partner to draft a suitable marketing strategy to further solidify her presence as an influencer. NORD (Carter Davis) is an 18-year-old musician, digital marketing expert, and entrepreneur. The young rapper and artist has been literate in the language of successful digital marketing since early childhood, and has worked with hundreds of both existing and upcoming influencer personalities alike with the goal of significantly increasing their potential online reach and engagement level to much success.

While NORD and Sydney’s careers are both independent from each other and will remain this way, the two youths have formed a strong business relationship over the past two years which is yielding a high level of success as a result of their combined efforts. Readers can stay updated with Oregon rapper and artist NORD on his Instagram and music streaming profiles, as well as Sydney Vezina’s Instagram and TikTok profiles respectively. We will continue to report on future collaboration efforts and milestones in which this powerful business duo find themselves celebrating in the foreseeable future.

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