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Sandhya Naidu gets candid on how being tech-savvy is essential in today’s era

The world around us is rotating at a great pace. Don’t you agree that, lately, the waves of technological changes have revolutionized our lives tremendously? While many people have harmonized with these shifts, a few consider themselves technologically challenged. Sandhya Naidu belongs to the first group and considers that we should adapt to new technologies.

The influencer has always been vocal about her thoughts. She has actively expressed her standpoints on different aspects, whether it be changing fashion trends or financial freedom for women. And once, Sandhya Naidu gets candid about technology and its primacy in our lives. She says, “Today, technology has become our necessity. The wonders that it has brought are no less than a boon. Needless to say, it has made our lives super-easy and manageable.”

The day-long letters are replaced with quick phone calls. Similarly, those black & white TVs are now superseded by smart TVs. All these technologies have made our lives easy. But Sandhya Naidu also agrees with the saying that every coin has two facets. Therefore, she considered this ever-changing technology a boon and a bane too.

Sandhya asserted, “As we have got phones, TVs, laptops, and iPads right in front of our eyes, we spend hours and hours on them. Some people who are exposed to too much screen time can develop degrading health conditions. Many people, especially kids, are adversely influenced by this tech-savviness. However, everything within a limit can be good.”

To date, Sandhya Naidu has worked with numerous brands, and her illustrious work profile also includes a few technology brands like Croma, Samsung, Vivo, IQOO, MI, Go Noise, Cross Loop, Boult Audio, etc.

“We should move with technology and advancement, but we shouldn’t overlook our physical and mental well-being,” Sandhya Naidu lastly added.

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