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Polestar Develops Electric Vehicles Before Launching Their First Smartphone

Numerous non-technical firms have introduced wearable and smartphone lines in the last few years. Even though these products don’t last long, they are typically introduced as add-ons to the brand’s opulent merchandise to give customers a customised shopping experience.

The manufacturer of electric vehicles gave us a sneak peek at its phone last week. We now have a thorough look at the company’s most recent entry into the smartphone market thanks to the launch of the Polestar Phone page on the Chinese version of the brand’s website.

Though Polestar may soon be planning to bring the phone to other regions, it is only presently available in China for RMB 7,388 ($1,020).

The worldwide design team at Polestar and the Gothenburg, Sweden-based Xingji Meizu team collaborated to create the Polestar Phone. Due to both brands being owned by the massive Chinese automaker Geely, they are working together with a common goal.

The Polestar Phone offers deep integration with the company’s vehicles

Despite what some people may think, Meizu did not just produce the Polestar Phone. Rather, the two businesses worked closely together, with Meizu providing its knowledge of the development and manufacturing of smartphones. As a result, the phone has substantial modifications that set it apart from other phones while still sharing most of its design cues with the Meizu 21 Pro.

With a Qualcomm 8 Gen 3 processor, an Adreno 750 graphics engine, and an astounding 16GB of RAM together with 1TB of internal storage, the Polestar Phone is a powerful device. An AI engine will further improve the flagship-level performance that this state-of-the-art hardware promises.

The 6.79-inch screen on the Polestar Phone also has a 2K resolution (3192×1368), providing a clear, detailed display that enhances the lifelike quality of content. The user’s viewing experience is improved by the adjustable refresh rate, which is by default set at 120 Hz and guarantees smooth scrolling and transitions. The device has a 5,050mAh battery that also provides long-term power.

A 50MP primary sensor, an ultrawide 13MP sensor, and a 10MP telephoto lens are located on the back of the phone. Within the punch hole is also a 32MP selfie camera. Thus far, the Meizu 21 Pro has already exhibited this combo. In terms of software, the Polestar Phone has an interface known as the Polestar UI, which is compatible with the brand’s automobile operating system. Polestar White is the only colour offered for the device.

Beginning with the Polestar 4 model, the Polestar Phone is more than simply a smartphone—it’s an essential component of the Polestar EV experience. Customers can choose to have a digital car key alternative because it enables UWB connectivity. Additionally, a smooth connection with the company’s vehicles is made possible by the Polestar Link feature. Even while some of this features might not be available at launch, software updates will eventually enable it.

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