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The Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite and 16 GB RAM Microsoft Surface Laptop 6 was Unveiled

Roland Quandt discovered what appears to be the Surface Laptop 6 consumer model on Geekbench. Microsoft published the “for Business” version more than a month ago, for background.

In prior years, Microsoft hardly made a distinction between its Surface Laptop and Surface Pro business and consumer models. But the consumer version of the Surface Laptop 6 is expected to have a new design in addition to a different processor.

Previous rumors indicate that this iteration of the Surface Laptop 6 would come with a display that is bezel-free, unlike the Surface Laptop 6 ‘for Business’ or the Surface Laptop 5 (now retailing for $799.99 on Amazon).

The Surface Laptop “for consumers” is also rumored to have a second USB Type-C connector in addition to a haptic touchpad, just like its “for business” version. Microsoft will couple the Surface Laptop 6 with the mid-tier Snapdragon X Elite processor, the possible performance of which we have discussed in a separate post, if recent Geekbench rankings are accurate.

Geekbench did not specifically mention the Surface Laptop 6. Rather, it displays the term ‘OEMBR OEMBR Product term MFG’, which corresponds with the codenames for Microsoft’s most current Surface products.

Meanwhile, ‘OEMMN OEMMN’, which is powered by the Snapdragon X Plus, has been seen on the benchmarking platform and appears to be a potential contender for the Surface Pro 10. In any case, according to these Geekbench results, Microsoft plans to release the Surface Laptop 6 with 16 GB of RAM. This device could serve as a benchmark for future devices, such as the Lenovo ThinkPad T14S Gen 6 and Yoga Slim 7 “Snapdragon Edition” models.

According to current rumors, Microsoft plans to unveil the Surface Laptop 6 on May 20. It is also said that same date will act as a showcase for the Surface Pro 10.

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