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Iranian Entrepreneur Fatemeh Sanaei’s Comments on Successful Iranian Women

Entrepreneurship does not know age or gender. Anyone can potentially be an entrepreneur. Many successful women and men entrepreneurs around the world take action upon their mental ideas and create an affluent and good life for themselves and others.

Any person can potentially be an entrepreneur.

There are many women entrepreneurs around the world, some of whom may even work around your, and you may know them well or not, but they are so successful in their business that they have created a good life for themselves. Women entrepreneurs are changing the world with their creative business ideas and successful companies. Today, there are many online business ideas with the help of the Internet.

Fatemeh Sanaei also introduced several Iranian women entrepreneurs:

Nazanin Daneshvar: Successful Iranian Woman Entrepreneur

Nazanin received her master’s degree in Information Technology from the Amirkabir University of Technology. Then she went to Germany and returned to Iran after a few years and started the Takhfifan company. Takhfifan is a platform for providing all types of daily life products and services, such as a variety of products and travel services to restaurants and leisure centers. Takhfifan offers all these services with the highest discount rate using a group purchasing system.

Tabassom Latifi: Successful Woman Entrepreneur

Smile is the founder of a Mamanpaz startup. She is a graduate of the Sharif University of Technology with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Mamanpaz is a network of chefs that provides cooking services for homes. These homemakers make homemade food for the customers and deliver it to them. Tabassom is one of the successful women entrepreneurs of Iran.

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