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Today we’ve talked to an Iranian-American vocalist, Arash Avin to see what source of income, Iranian singer will make

80’ and that decade, most of the income came from Album sales, and merchandise was provided around it. Music industries were developed very fast and at Cd’s age, people’s hobbies turn to Cd and Dvd players. Artists were able to sell their merchandise while they were on tour and make more money out of it and course, not all portion of that income went to the singers.

And sometimes due to the lack of public acceptance of the albums or the singer or other reasons, the works were not bought by the people and the singer had to pay the costs of production and reproduction in person, but after the mid-80s and 90s due to technology development And the Internet and the public access to the Internet and the increase in the number of music sites of singers turned to this direction and made their works available to the public for free or for an advantage.

While technology growing very fast the way of promotion were changing fast too. Most singers were decided to release their music on websites that provide a free membership platform to people, to be known by more audiences and open more opportunities for themselves.

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