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Creativity is the main criterion for being a blogger, Mrs. Sanam Samipoor’s talk on blogging techniques

Being armed with creativity and performing works differently is so important. Don’t try to mimic others, you are the best version of yourself. But you need to add creativity to your works. For example, mix teaching with humor and entertainment or combining food blogging with traveling.

There are some ways by which you can be inspired and improve your creativity. For instance, reading different books, socializing, traveling, and more importantly following different types of bloggers.

You may wonder why although blogging is interesting, not all people pursue this job and become professional bloggers? I would answer there are two obstacles:

  1. Being shy

Many people are terrified of being in front of cameras or speak in public (even though there are bloggers who don’t appear visually). They are afraid of other’s opinions toward them, they are afraid of being judged or rejected. All these issues can be solved by repetition and practicing and they are not a big deal. Presenting in front of a camera is difficult and many have problem with it. You can practice in front of a mirror or record yourself so that you can watch it several times, detect and relieve your flaws. Everything is achievable through repetition and practice.

  1. Social media phobia

This phobia is an extreme fear of being seen and judged by others. A person with phobia always thinks about people’s opinions about him or her; Everybody is better, more well-versed, more handsome than me.

Blogging means that you do different works and stimulate others’ curiosity, entertain them, make them laugh or learn new things, etc., and eventually, they trust you and be impressed with you.

The only difficulty of being a blogger is that you must break some habits and replace them with new ones. For instance, you should get used to sharing the interesting events of your life.

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