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How to succeed in rap ?! Full description by Amir Naseri

Rap helps you to convey your creative message to the world. No matter how good the beat and sound of the music is, it is still not enough, if the lyrics are bad, it will not do a good job. Focus your efforts on creating good music for your target audience.

 How to become famous in rap? You need to define your subject style. Rap consists of many different styles such as: Gang, Love and Dis Love, Party, Social and Fan. Each style of sound and its own rhyme needs its own, your voice must be in proportion to the rhythm of the melody, for example: romantic text can not be with voice Roughly read

 Tips to consider to become a famous rapper

Set short-term and long-term goals for yourself.

Improve your social media presence.

Having a good website for distributing music.

Having a team of influential people for online advertising.


Music publishers allow you to publish your music as quickly as possible without any hassle. Advertising in the digital field, gives you increasing credibility and is a way to attract fans as easily as possible. If you want to attract more followers and become famous in rap as soon as possible, your online music ads are very important, especially if you are a new rapper.

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