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Audi Australia prices will rise by up to $2900 for 2023

For the new year, Audi Australia has increased the prices of the majority of its model lineup by up to $2900, marking the third price increase in a year.

All local Audi models, with the exception of a few, have seen price increases of between $200 and $2900 beginning this month. The RS6 and RS7 performance cars have seen the largest price increases.

The E-Tron electric SUV, the Q3 small SUV (including the RS Q3), the Q8 large SUV (including the RS Q8), the A8 flagship (including the S8), and the TT, TTS, and TT RS coupes are the models that are not affected by the most recent price increase. On the other hand, the E-Tron GT electric sedan has had its price reduced by $1500.

This is the third round of price changes in a year, and some models now cost up to $10,800 more than they did a year ago (January 2022).

For Model Year 2023 (MY23) production, a range-wide price increase was implemented in February 2022. Following that, price adjustments were made to the majority of models, with some models seeing price increases of up to $1600 and others seeing price decreases of up to $1500.

In a statement to the media following the price increase in February 2022, an Audi Australia spokesperson stated: For cars built in 2022, Audi Australia is raising prices across the board. The first of these cars will be delivered to customers in March.

“The price increase has been brought about by rising material costs and continued supply challenges that are affecting Audi, like other manufacturers and other industries around the world.”

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