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5 Marketing Tips From Award-Winning Branding Expert Cody Cornwell

Transforming your brand is no small undertaking. It takes reflection, guidance, motivation, and resolve to elevate your company to the next level and change your brand in your customer’s eyes. Many companies employ experts and take agencies’ advice to help them with such a massive undertaking because outside perspective can make all the difference. Branding expert Cody Cornwell understands this first-hand as he has helped transform tons of brands, building himself a successful consulting company along the way. 

Co-owner of Heavy Marketing, based in Florida, Cornwell works with all kinds of companies handling everything from branding to advertising to high-ticket sales calls. “We saw that many businesses weren’t consistent with their branding and therefore weren’t consistent with their sales,” says Cornwell. “Increased revenue and scaling over time is all about consistency.” Cornwell maintains that five time-honored tips can transform your brand into a powerhouse.

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1. Craft a mission statement.

‘”This should go without saying, but every brand needs a mission statement,” says Cornwell. “That is what ties your customer to your brand offering. It is about giving them a reason to buy.” Cornwell understands that motivations are often emotional, and it is no different in the selling process.

2. Align your goals with your values.

Cornwell explains that your mission is what dictates your values, and your goals have to align with them. “If you aren’t preaching what you are offering, if you don’t believe in what you are selling, your customer won’t either,” states Cornwell. “A strong brand is believable. A strong brand is a leader.”

3. Clean up your branding.

“Is your branding consistent on all channels? Is it recognizable? Is it clean, modern, does it reflect who you are as a company? Ask yourself these questions and adjust accordingly,” explains Cornwell. 

4. Diversify your reach.

“Look to where your customers are. Are they on social media? What are they reading? You have to talk to your audience on the channels they are listening to, or your message will never get across,” explains Cornwell. “A powerful brand is a brand that is heard.”

5. Engage with your audience.

Cornwell knows how powerful your audience can be, considering they become eventual customers. “Once you have cultivated your audience, do not get lazy and let them slip away,” says Cornwell. “A strong brand has an engaged following because they engage with their audience consistently. Engagement makes them feel valued and heard and keeps them coming back.”

Cornwell knows precisely what he is doing. In its first month alone, Heavy Marketing did over USD 450,000 in business and is close to crossing that million-dollar threshold. “I believe so strongly that there is a better way, and I am willing to share that knowledge,” says Cornwell. “Consulting has always been important, but I firmly believe it is the future.” Cornwell knows how to build a powerhouse brand, and as he helps companies see their potential, the sky is the limit. 

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