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Helping Social Media Influencers Make a Difference and Earn an Attractive Income in less than 30 days, Jessica Lynne White Launches “Kickstart My Influence” online Mastermind Workshop

Ultimately, all social media influencers just want to make a difference.  At least authentic influencers want to make a lasting impression on their audience.  To ‘influence’ is to make an impact.  We all want to share our ideas and have them resonate with someone else.  We want to make a change – whether that’s a small change or maybe even a big change.  And that is Jessica Lynne White’s mission as a social media influencer coach, branding strategist and PR expert.  To elevate new influencers to have the tools, skills and roadmap they need to kick-start their influencer career and make a lasting impact.  With her new online Mastermind Workshop “Kickstart My Influence” Jessica does just that by teaching newbies how to leverage their personal brand to make an impact and earn extra income, even in this economy.

Jessica’s mission with Kickstart My Influence Mastermind Workshop is to show prospective influencers and bloggers that it’s totally possible to earn an income from your blog and on Instagram…no matter how big (or small) your following. You don’t want to waste your time before making a huge impact – you want to get it right the first time and create the business you’ve been dreaming of.  Jessica comments, “There have been so many Silver Lining Stories from this Pandemic, and learning to successfully monetize social media can be one of them!”.

With the continued uncertainty due to COVID-19, more and more people are switching over to digital marketing from traditional marketing faster than previous estimates. And amidst all of this chaos, now is the time to step into the ever-growing digital marketing industry with the help of Kickstart My Influence. This is a 4 week online workshop brought to you by Jessica and her team to offer people staying at home a way to subsidize their income and develop a successful side hustle that actually pays. Theirs is a mission to elevate people around the globe, especially women, and provide them with the resources to become independent and have fun doing it. This workshop will enable you to learn everything from, “how to pitch” to “how to manage dream brand deals”. After this workshop, you’ll be able to start generating thriving content that will attract more followers, likes, and authentic engagement.

Learning from an industry expert is a privilege and Jessica proves this fact to its core. She’s a marketing genius, or as her testimonials witness, “She infuses all of her posts with so much love, passion, and wisdom. She has a passion to help others and that truly shows in her work.” She posts so many useful tips and informative posts on content marketing daily. You might feel overwhelmed with where to start but Jessica’s motto is, “If you get tired, learn to rest not to quit.” Kickstart My Influence Mastermind Workshop is for people who know they could be working with brands and sponsors, but just don’t know how to crack the code.

This is the perfect online course for those who want to become social media influencers and bloggers, monetize their presence on social media, and open up new revenue streams from home. Jessica’s course helps content creators grow what they are good at and maximize it. It is also for those who are driven to start a hustle in this new day economy but only need a roadmap on how to get there. “I have spent hours upon hours learning the value of branding, and have realized that social media influencers ARE a brand.”, says Jessica. Bonus features of Kickstart My Influence include all the strategies on how to leverage Instagram features such as stories, reels, and IGTV. Paid students will also receive Jessica’s custom Lightroom photo presets “Love Your Filter” bundle for free so kick-starting your instagram feed aesthetic will be just as easy. To find out more about this influencer curated Mastermind Workshop, visit this link:

Jessica is the creator of the Zen Mom Life blog, a successful social media inlfuencer and strategist on many channels, and a branding & marketing expert. She is also a Licensed Physical Therapist as well as a Mindfulness Coach in Los Angeles, California.  

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