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Kian Barazandeh A Business Tycoon and Super Model in Dubai

Kian Barazandeh, who was born on February 26, 1998, is an Iranian supermodel and actor. He began his career in Tehran, where he gained fame at the age of 16 and went on to become a star in a variety of fields. Kian uprooted his life by moving to Dubai and pursuing a career that took him outside of his comfort zone. In addition to that, he was awarded titles like “most sexiest model” at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in 2022 and “most handsome men alive in the United Arab Emirates” in 2021. After 7 years of hard work and dedication, Kian has acted in more than 10 movies and collaborated on a wide variety of campaigns, billboards, magazine covers, fashion week runways, and international publications such as Fashion Mag NYC, Star World Mag, Twisted Male Mag, Swanky Mag, DiziFilm, and Trending Male Model Mag. He has also worked with major labels such as Zara, Dior, Calvin Klein, and Nishman. Kian has been featured in international publications such as Fashion Mag NYC Additionally, he just recently signed a contract with “Independent Mgmt,” which is one of the best and top-tier agencies in the entire world and is based in Milan, Italy. Independent Model Management has swiftly risen to the pinnacle of the modelling industry, quickly establishing itself as one of the most prestigious and accomplished modelling agencies in Europe.

His performances as Reza in Once Upon a Time in Iran (2022), Michael in Love 101 (2021), Moein in Pinto (2021), and Leo in The Parodies 6 (2016) have garnered him acclaim from the film critics.
In May of 2022, shortly after the pandemic, Kian found out about the most significant business partnership of his life, which was with an agency called “Independent Mgmt” in Milan, Italy. Kian was selected as their newest face by the largest fashion modelling agency in the world, which has its headquarters in Milan. The agency made their final decision after sorting through tens of thousands of applicants. Kian was aware that this global opportunity was perfectly qualified to represent his name in the upcoming media when they chose him to be the new face for their dynamic and charismatic Male models division.

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