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Xiaomi 14 to Feature Slimmer Display Bezels Than iPhone 15

Xiaomi is mere days away from introducing the Xiaomi 14, having confirmed an October 26 launch date earlier this week. In the meantime, the company has outlined several hardware details and has shared numerous camera samples. Additionally, it has revealed the extent of the Xiaomi 14’s bezels, which have been directly compared against the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro.

As the graphic below shows, the iPhone 15 has 2.25 mm-thick bezels on each side, giving its 6.1-inch display an 86.4% screen-to-body ratio. By contrast, Apple achieved an 88.2% screen-to-body ratio with the iPhone 15 Pro thanks to 1.75 mm-thick bezels, which is only surpassed by the iPhone 15 Pro Max at 89.8%. However, Xiaomi has managed one better with its next flagship, albeit without providing even bezels on all sides.

Instead, the Xiaomi 14 will have a slightly thicker chin than the device’s top and side bezels. Still, the larger bottom bezel is said to come in at 1.71 mm, roughly a 2% decrease on the iPhone 15 Pro and 24% over the iPhone 15. Similarly, the Xiaomi 14 should have 8% thinner side and top bezels than the iPhone 15 Pro, or 28% in the case of the iPhone 15 Pro. Xiaomi has not revealed the extent of the Xiaomi 14 Pro’s bezels yet either, although it has offered a look at its larger flagship in one teaser image.

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