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Samples of the Vivo X100 Ultra Camera Show Off Some Amazing Telephoto Images

Vice President of Vivo Jia Jingdong has demonstrated the X100 Ultra’s photographic capabilities. The Android flagship device is touted to be a “breakthrough” in mobile photography and is said to be as powerful as Marvel books’ Thanos. The Vice President examined the hardware before revealing camera samples.

It is officially official that the upcoming Vivo X100 Ultra will have a 200 MP telephoto camera supported by a Samsung HP9 sensor. The phone promises to give improved clarity, sharpness, and natural colors on the captures with Zeiss APO (Apochromatic) color correction.

The Sony LYT-900 50 MP primary camera, which has CIPA 4.5 level image stabilization technology, is matched with this telephoto sensor. According to the Vice President of Vivo, it’s the most sophisticated anti-shake standard and has real-time correction for “tiny hand-shakes”.

In addition, the stabilization technology incorporates OIS and EIS and may provide “high-speed anti-shake compensation” by “displacement of the lens.” That being said, the Vivo X100 Ultra’s telephoto sensor also features sophisticated anti-shake technology. The Vice President claims that it is evident that the telephoto’s “mico-gimbal” can also record swift racing cars.

It has been verified that the final camera on the rear is a 50 MP wide-angle lens. The most sophisticated AI picture algorithms from the company are combined with the most recent V3+ image chipset in this sturdy smartphone camera system.

Returning to the camera samples, the Vice President demonstrated how the Vivo X100 Ultra’s camera arrangement works with them. The shared images have realistic colors and intricate features. Above all, though, these samples appear to indicate a significant improvement over the X100 Pro (available on Amazon) in the telephoto department.

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