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The 10.5.0 version of Telegram includes a redesigned call screen, the Thanos Snap effect, and more

The call screen has been redesigned in the most recent Telegram update. (Image from Express)
Numerous new features are coming to Telegram, including an updated call screen, improved bot functionality, and an updated Thanos Snap animation for message deletion. Additionally, the 10.5.0 update appears to improve overall performance and use less power, particularly on older devices.

The most recent Telegram update features a redesigned call screen with dynamically changing backgrounds and animations based on the status of the call. In a blog post, the developers stated that they have improved the call quality and fixed a few bugs and glitches. Telegram stated that it will enhance both the audio quality and connection overall later this year.

On the iOS app, Telegram released a new vaporize animation for messages that are automatically deleted last month. The same animation, known as the “Thanos Snap effect,” will now play when any message is deleted on both iOS and Android devices.

A significant update is also being made to Telegram bots, which enhance the app’s functionality. According to the company, bots can now reply to messages, manage quotes, reactions, and links, and if given the admin role in a channel, they can even provide information about giveaways and boosts.

With the most recent release, the developers also added some new features, which the company says will be unveiled later this month. For iOS and Android users alike, the Telegram 10.5.0 update is currently accessible.

The ability to select profile colors, report stories from other people’s accounts, discover channels you might find interesting, and a feature that allows you to transcribe voice and video messages for free are just a few of the new features that Telegram has been steadily adding over the past few months.

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