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How To Prevent Your Blink Eyewear from Fogging Up?

Fogging of your eyewear can happen at times. You can find some useful tips to prevent your Blink eyewear from fogging up.

For those wearing eyeglasses, they very well know one thing. Nothing is more frustrating than the eyeglasses getting foggy. Particularly, they feel frustrated when this happens when they step out of an air-conditioned car or cook. Indeed, wiping the fog off is easy. However, many feel it exhausting to pull out a cloth and wipe the glasses now and then.

Foggy glasses are uncomfortable and they can lead to accidents. Now, your question will be how to keep the eyeglasses free of fog. Blink Eyewear with experience in optometry suggests a few tips to prevent the fogging of eyeglasses. But before that, you should know why eyeglasses get foggy.

Why Do Eyeglasses Get Foggy?

The difference in temperature between the outside environment and eyeglasses causes fog to percolate on the lenses. When there is humidity near your lenses, vapor will release. It will then cool down to form a film of tiny water deposits on its surface. In the same way, physical activities like warm breath, sweat and running can add moisture to the surface of the lenses.

How to Prevent Fog from Clouding Your Eyeglasses?

Use Anti Fog Cloth

You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the fog. Indeed, this is a known technique. This cloth will have active titanium dioxide and organic polymers that can keep your eyewear clean. Also, the fiberglass filament has unique molecules that hinder condensation on the surface of the lenses. In turn, these clothes help maintain crystal-clear vision.

Anti-Fog Spray

  • You can sprit, anti-fog sprays straight onto your eyeglass lenses
  • Then, you can spread it all through the surface of the glass using a soft cloth
  • Once sprayed, an anti-fog spray will envelop the lenses with a thin coating
  • This thin coating will reduce the accumulation of fog.

Anti-Fog Glasses

  • Yes, you have read it right. You can find anti-fog glasses these days.
  • In contrast to the two options above, anti-fog glasses will not permit fog to form on their surface
  • Further, they need no additional accessory to help you enjoy fog-free vision
  • You will never experience foggy vision when you wear these glasses.

Among these three solutions for fog prevention, you will accept that the third is the easiest option. So, next time you change your eyeglasses, check whether they carry an anti-fog feature.

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