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‘Legion’: Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb Affirms X-Men Series Wasn’t Eliminated

Over numerous systems, Marvel Television series are finishing up as we face the finish of a period. Operators of SHIELD has two additional seasons, Netflix has dropped numerous well known series, and the primary X-Men series Legion will be done after the up and coming third season.

However, Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb clarified that Legion’s conditions are unique, as this is the story showrunner Noah Hawley constantly needed to tell. While talking with Decider about the finish of the X-Men villain’s series, Loeb expressed that the finish of Legion ought to turn out to be a satisfying experience.

“When Noah [Hawley] came in the first day and told us what he wanted to do he told us the end of the story,” said Loeb. “It wasn’t like ‘I haven’t really figured out where this is gonna go, but this is what I wanna do.’ I’ve very often referred to being on the show as being on the Magical Mystery Tour and that Noah was our bus driver and that eventually he was going to say ‘Okay, time to get off.'”

The maker proceeded to clarify that they’ve had meetings with a great deal of skilled makers to help make the shows, however ability isn’t the way to working with Marvel Television.

“I’m assuming that if you’ve got close enough for us to have a conversation that you have a talent, that’s sort of a given. So it really comes down to passion,” Loeb said.

He proceeded to clarify that Marvel never embarks to make a series about individuals with superheroes, however that part comes auxiliary to what their substance is about. Rather, they center around recounting a story that centers around characters.

“Legion is a perfect example. Legion is a story about a damaged man who is looking to be loved. That’s the story,” Loeb explained. “The fact that he can change reality with his mind is the Marvel of it, but if you don’t buy into that first part then the rest of it is just noise.”

In any case, despite the fact that this could be the finish of Noah Hawley’s take on Legion, Loeb demands the story could proceed down the line.

“When you think about Marvel heroes and villains in general, it says ‘The End’ and then at the bottom it says ‘To be continued….'” Loeb explained. “I don’t feel like there’s a world where the story ends.”

The third and last season of Legion is relied upon to debut on FX later this year.

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