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What Does the Life of Popular Content Creator “Viral Modi” Look Like?

Upasana Modi, from Gujarat, who goes by the online handle “Viral Modi,” has reached millions of people within a very short span of time and has thus become a known name in the world of rising content creators. Her creative videos are going viral on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, MX Takatak, Josh, Rizzle, and others.
Upasana Modi, or Viral Modi, goes for a deep study of the content before diving into its making. Like a dedicated content creator, she studies the character she is about to play, the location that she is going to be at, and the outfit of her character. It is only after a deep analysis of her subject that she goes into making her content.
Having such quality experience of years on these video-making platforms, Viral Modi is quite aware of the analytics that have helped her content flourish. She pays great attention to the hashtags she uses in her videos, the time at which she posts the videos, and always makes sure to post consistently every day.
She makes her videos without the guidance of a choreographer or director. But all her expertise has roots in her background. When we look at her background, we find that she has been a participant in the Nirma fashion show.
In addition to this, she was also selected for Shri Magazine and Sakhi Magazine. She had woven her personality well with all the elements of looks, language, ethics, and skills. Viral Modi also possesses a sweet voice, which has taken her to All India Radio, where she has inspired thousands of people with her fantastic speeches.
Having a creative personality, Viral Modi’s interests lie in a variety of creative fields.Viral Modi is passionate about singing. She has also got some karaoke machines at home. She also spends her leisure time making some beautiful paintings, which she says “are hung on the walls of my house.” Through her journey of content creation, she has also learned stitching (she stitches some of her own outfits). Furthermore, she also loves cooking. A few of her cooking videos can be found on her Instagram page, where she presents some delicious dishes.
In the academic field, she holds the degree of Bachelor of Commerce. She has also worked as a computer operator.
Over and above, Viral Modi has developed her personality from all angles. She is a self-taught artist who also keeps adding new experiences to her daily learning list.

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