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Kevin Sacchi ~ Persona establishing himself as an ideal instance in “DIGITAL MARKETING”

When it comes for an establishment in a digital niche, it requires enormous talents and hard work. For a versatile personality like Kevin its an easy task to do as, his learning skills and talent to catch up with new learnings is tremendously well. Life has challenged him a lot. of times in his early working days, but his passionate and dedicated quality never allowed him to give up. He worked very hard and now he is here touching the sky of triumph.

Kevin Sacchi has left no stones unturned in the past to be on the stage where he is now. He knew that he needs to keep to transforming himself into a productive persona in order to survive in this dynamic world. He learned martial arts initially as a reverting response for being bullied in his school-days. And later his martial arts skills, helped him to perform as a stunt artist for several movies. Thereafter, he moved on to pursue his studies and did a diploma in Computer Science. Leaning himself towards the technical and digital world, he is now recognized as one of the leading digital entrepreneurs of Italy. He is also the leading social media managers of the nation. He has been involved in projects with renowned brands such as Adidas, Nike, Rolex, and Supreme and the list is unending. He is the brand ambassador of the renowned (Music Video app) Triller, its an app of 60 million users who be among the first in the world rankings with creator of the caliber of (DJ KHALED, TYGA, JAKE PAUL, POST MALONE, LEAELUI, LIL PUMP etc.).

He has many other achievements in his list which is unending. He is the leading CEO of one of the outstanding company of Italy KS DIGITAL FORCE. He is called the world’s first INKFLUENCER. Many VIPs like Michelle Hunziker, J-Ax, Marracash , Nek etc., Wore the Inkfluencer brand.

We wish him all the very best with his triumph voyage. May he reach the heights of success sooner.

Hilda Garner has done her majors in journalism from Michigan. Her younger sister is also a successful writer, and the rivalry between the two is legendary. Since becoming a full-time writer, Hilda has published several books. She is currently working as a freelance writer on
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