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Godzilla king Director

Godzilla Director Wants to Go People-Free

An all monster monster movie?  Why not?

 This news was first reported on Studio 35. If you’re like me, you may have appreciated elements of the Godzilla: King of the Monsters remake, but had no use whatsoever for the subplots slogging the film down.  By subplots, of course I mean those humans and their dumb, irrelevant stories.  Well, if Director Michael Dougherty gets his way, we just may get to see an entire movie without their foolishness.  He gave a recent interview in which he said he’d like to see Godzilla in his primitive history, or as he put it: “the ancient world of man and monster.”  He later went further though, and said that maybe we should go ahead and leave man out of it altogether.  I’m all for this idea just so long as the monsters don’t talk, and they don’t pull out a Morgan Freeman voiceover or something to cheat and tell the story for them.  I just want to see big G throwing rocks and boulders at a triceratops.  Make that 90 minutes and I’ll at least give it a chance.  It’s an interesting idea because having a human-free movie is no biggie, but a no dialog movie?  Now there’s a challenge.

What say you, readers?  Are there any films that a no-dialog monster movie might model itself after?

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