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Almir Leka

Marly (Almir Leka) the co-founder of Sant & Marly talks about upcoming tours

Being questioned by our sources, the 23 year old singer/songwriter and instagram influencer Marly (Almir Leka) revealed that he had plans for an upcoming world tour as soon as the Coronavirus situation improves. 
Currently the co-founder of the famous hip hop duo Sant & Marly has declared that he, alongside his colleague rapper Sant (iamsantiiii) had decided to rebrand the logo of their label to ‘Sant x Marly’ for a new beginning as independent artist, coinciding with the release of their newest music video “Sant x Marly – Casa De Papel”. The author of various hit musics such as: Sant & Marly – Ne Yo, Sant & Marly – D.M.P.L, Sant & Marly – Hola, Sant & Marly – Dalim, Devis Xherahu ft Marly – Me Pelqen Ajo, Devis Xherahu ft Marly – Per Ty Mbarova, has shared with us the idea of a magnificent tour planned in order to promote a new potential mixtape that the ‘band’ is producing. With the same charisma as always, the worldwide international artist, and yet a humble person, Marly declared that for the time being there couldn’t be any certainties considering the virus problematics and all the consequences that would come along with it. For the moment being he stated that would be safer for everyone to stay home and therefore any big concert that would require gathering would have to be postponed to a ‘to be announced’ date. All the tickets will be withheld up to a moment when the situation would have gotten clearer and most importantly safe for everyone to participate. The singer wanted also to share the condolences with the families who had lost their beloved ones during this tough situation, as he suggested everyone to stay strong and hold it in during this situation of chaos.




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