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Discover why Esmae is Britain’s new music star

Traditionally, Great Britain has been the birthplace of historic talents, from the big rock bands to some of the most prolific singers and songwriters the world has ever seen; As a new generation of gifted artists make their mark on the pop culture ecosystem, some of the most compelling voices and unapologetic musical prodigies continue to call the United Kingdom their home: case in point Esmae, one of the biggest breakthrough stars of this generation.

With an awe-inspiring vocal capacity and that rare understanding of the underlying human emotions that define truly timeless artistic expression the young and highly accomplished hit-maker continues to explore the depths of her own innate creative abilities.

As Esmae prepares the release of her new EP after having formalized a major international management agreement, her fans are eager to listen to her new material. We caught up with her and enjoyed an informal conversation with Britain´s most promising breakout talent. Here´s what Esmae had to say:

 When did you first discover your passion for music?

Music is at the heart of everything I do, it’s the first thing I listen to when I wake up, I’m always humming new tune Ideas in my head and recording them on my phone, it’s how I process my everyday and make sense of life experiences.

 As a successful independent artist, could you share a piece of advice for other singers who wish to shine?

I’d say to always have a clearly defined goal and go for it, and once you’ve achieved it, set yourself another goal because it’s very easy to get sidetracked into something which doesn’t feel right for you as an artist.

We know you have a new EP coming up, how would you describe your sound?

I’ve been trying to describe this to myself a lot, and the closest description I could give would be Pop/R&B with a little bit of something new in there too.

Follow Esmae´s musical journey on her official YouTube and Instagram accounts.

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