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Meet Arian Eghbali, who is known as the king of Persian Pop

Many musicians are happy just by creating music and enjoying a famous musician’s lifestyle. However, many pops, rap & rock stars have interests beyond music, including a passion for developing business plans and launching companies. Arian Eghbali is a skilled artist who has launched his new trending song Naze Negahet. He is a phenomenal entrepreneur and a singer who composes his music to touch the audience’s soul.

He co-founded the Credit Repair Specialist, the first-ever credit repair company in North America, explicitly serving the Iranian community. The response from the audience to the Credit Repair Specialist, which in 2010 became Enrich Financial, was so favorable. Arian’s book- Build Better Credit to Build a Better Life, Your Better Life Starts Here was published by Amazon. Arian reveals the secrets to improving credit scores in this book, which credit bureaus have kept for years. As of now, Arian’s book has received five stars on Amazon. Arian Eghbali has several interests and has been a pioneer in different fields. In 2017, Arian founded Radio Jan, the first Armenian Radio in the world based outside of Armenia. Arian Eghbali decided to start a tour with Ebrahim Hamedi, the legendary Iranian singer, well-known as Ebi. He is also known as the Master of Voice. Arian is known as the king of Persian Pop. Enrich Financial became the sponsor of Ebi’s 50th tour, called The 50 World Tour. It celebrates a lifetime of memories with 500,000 fans during 90 concerts in 40 cities, 13 countries, and four continents. He sang many songs like Roozane Sakht, Doktone Bandar, Kooche Shoma, Delom Makon Vel, etc. Naze Negahet is one of his latest and trending songs on Youtube and other music streams like Spotify, Amazon, Gana, and Wynk.

He has over 48K followers on Instagram. To learn about him, follow him on Instagram @arian_eghbali_ceo.

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