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Entrepreneur Kanthi Dutt on the importance to pause and rethink, says it is an opportunity for reinvention

In today’s fast-paced world, it has become usual for everyone to run behind prey. But to sustain in the urban spiral, yet attain success, it is important to pause. This helps one introspect life. People these days leave behind their personal life too, to hit the ground running to chase the finish line. Kanthi Dutt, a young entrepreneur who has been into the business world ever since he was 12, brings to us the importance to pause and rethink in life.

“Rethink everything! I absolutely understand the power of pausing. The great pause is often an opportunity for reinvention. This could change one’s ideology towards achieving something! More like a reset button, it is important that we take a break, think well about what is done, what is to be achieved! It clears the air between one’s mind & the path to success. To reinvent is to start afresh, with new values, new goals, but with the same purpose. For a reinvention to happen, we must first think”, Kanthi Dutt shares. 

Kanthi further adds, “Typically, it is important that we make a list of all our deeds, analyze if that’s right or not for you. This valuation process will determine the future approach. In the current times, it’s also important that we start to rethink our approach to sustainability. Success isn’t always a case of having the best product or the best strategy, but is about carving the path while breaking barriers to the finish line.”

The Coronavirus pandemic has given a lot of people an opportunity to reinvent and rethink. Everything has become stand-still for more than 100 days. Talking about the same, Kanthi says, “To pause & rethink, has a greater impact in a pandemic situation like the Covid-19. It is important that we replan our direction to achieve goals.”

Currently 20, Kanthi has had made his mark as a business strategy consultant and is a proud owner of a branding solutions & entertainment company named Spartans Media. His mantra of hard work, determination and smart managerial skills have been in the game to prove that age is no bar to achieve anything in life.

Kanthi also mentions that his research during the pandemic shows some additional facts about the Pet Industry in the United States. Pets can be found in more than 63% of all US households, interestingly only 34% have children. 80% of people call themselves “pet parents”! Kanthi says, “If I were in the US, I would have grabbed an opportunity to start a retail kennel chain or start pet supplies business. This popped up, only because I was rethinking about sustainable and high-demand businesses!”

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