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Description of pop singer Ramyrad about the difference between composing and arranging music

Ramin Salehi Yeganeh (artistically named Ramyrad) He was born on July 6, 1993 in Tabriz and now lives in Tehran.

Before asking the question, what is the difference between composing and arranging a song? Answer We want to introduce composer and composer and song arranger and song arranger. Composition is generally a collection of works that creates a musical work. It is one of the most important steps in making a song. People who compose are called composers. In fact, in the process of composing, the composer, after receiving the text, poem or song and according to the subject of its content, starts composing and creating a relevant and pleasant melody for it through notation or by instruments such as guitar or piano, depending on his musical taste. می‌نماید. In this process, the more harmonious the melody is with the poem and its flooding (multiplication rate), the more pleasant it is. It will definitely create a more effective effect.

To compose and actually become a professional composer, you must have a thorough knowledge of the basics and theory of music. To the extent that you can write notes for them in a standard and principled way. And this skill is acquired when, firstly, you love composing and secondly, you do it with interest. In fact, do any job or profession with interest, you will definitely get amazing results in that area, but in this way, you should not forget to gain experience and take the time to learn more.

Another step in making a song is arranging the song. Which is in fact the general shaper of poetry and melody. And it actually coordinates the components of a song. In fact, the set of processes that take place in the arrangement of instruments, arrangement of pieces and harmonies is called tuning. If we want to provide the simplest definition of arranging a song, we must say that every sound that you hear in a piece of music, including drums, bass, piano,… is considered a part of the arrangement, and the arrangement and how to play the instruments is up to you. Is the songwriter.

The composer must be fully acquainted with the instruments and know exactly how each instrument is played so that he can write the notes for each instrument accordingly. Or, for example, if a live instrument is to be used in the setting. Tell the musician what note or how to do it. In general, there are three important points that will make you a professional songwriter.

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