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Steve Bing: Film producer and Elizabeth Hurley ex to dies after jumping off building

Steve Bing, a maker, humanitarian and screenwriter, has kicked the bucket by self destruction in Los Angeles. He was 55.

Police and the coroner’s office said a man accommodating his age bounced from a Century City high rise on Monday. Sources revealed to TMZ he had been experiencing gloom.

Bing, who acquired a fortune of some $600 million from his granddad, L.A. land designer Leo S. Bing, likewise contributed a huge number of dollars to Democratic political causes.

Subsequent to accepting his legacy at 18 years old, Bing dropped out of Stanford to evaluate the film business. While he was as yet a secondary school understudy at Harvard-Westlake, he composed the story for “Missing in Action” and later composed a scene of Married With Children.”

In 2003, he co-composed the activity satire “Kangaroo Jack,” featuring Anthony Anderson and Jerry O’Connell.

Bing put some $80 million in “The Polar Express,” the Tom Hanks-voiced 2004 movie coordinated by Robert Zemeckis. He had official maker credits on various movies and music narratives, including Rolling Stones narrative “Shine a Light,” coordinated by Martin Scorsese, “CSNY/Deja Vu,” “Rock the Kasbah,” “Get Carter,” “Beowulf,” “Rules Don’t Apply” and “Girl Walks Into a Bar.”

For a period he likewise marked performers, and discharged a Jerry Lee Lewis collection. He was likewise backing a narrative on the early stone n’ roller that is still being developed.

Notwithstanding having a cozy relationship with Bill Clinton, his political commitments have included Al Gore, Gavin Newsom, Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein.

He was additionally a significant giver to the Motion Picture and Television Fund, and sent Bill Clinton to North Korea to get Laura Ling and Euna Lee after their confinement.

The supporter of dynamic causes and Hollywood maker consumed quite a bit of his time on earth living in lodgings and was known for his celebrating way of life and VIP companions.

A 2002 Los Angeles Times article depicted him as a “high-profile Hollywood libertine,” saying, “He is a man dedicated apparently in equal measures to philanthropy, politics and women.”

Bing had associations with Elizabeth Hurley, with whom he had a child, Damian, and with Lisa Bonder, a previous tennis player with whom he had a girl, Kira. The two ladies recorded paternity suits to constrain Bing to unveil his parenthood, and both found that he was the dad.

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