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1.Tell me a little about yourself who you are and how you started:

My journey started out as a motherless daughter at the age of 10. Through many ups and downs (more downs) I persevered and became a registered nurse at 22 yo, however I did not work as an RN until 2006. I then continued school (with two young children & divorced) pushed through and became a Advanced Practice Registered Nurse in 2014. I am a Neonatal Practitioner currently, and opened my business Glow Infusions IV Lounge in November 2020. I started out sharing a space for 6 months and then moved on my own to a storefront. I have grown rapidly and continue to grow as I add more services to my MedSpa.

  1. What challenges have you faced in your journey eg: getting pages banned ect or more recent issues with covid:

Challenges are all around. From starting the business by sharing a space with two other women to moving on my own because of my growth to facing challenges with hiring good help. It’s been nonstop, I basically have been a one women show from conception

  1. How do you overcome stress and burnout eg: having to post daily, dealing with hate:

I currently work 24 hour shifts at a local Neonatal ICU and run my business on my own so burnout is real! However I’m pushing through with the bigger picture in the forefront. I take monthly timeouts for myself that include a day of relaxation by the pool or a weekend of drag racing events (my other hobby).

  1. Advice for others in your industry:

My advice would be to push through. When the going gets tough that’s when you show up and do your best and push the bar the forward. My motto is “quitting is not an option!”

I live by this. Since my childhood this phrase has gotten me through my worst situations! Many begin but very few finish!


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