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Actor Akshay Tanksale : Acting skills of this youth icon in unique Avatars take the internet by storm.

Actor , Entertainer, and now, a youth icon too – yes we are talking about one of the famous and versatile actor Akshay Tanksale who has taken the Internet by storm once again. This time, it is not for his prowess in Instagram content but for his acting skills. Akshay has featured in an ad for Indira college of engineering, an epic Episode of “Aplya bapacha collage “ on bha Di pa platform. Also and hilarious comic quest appearance on “Maharashtrachi Hasya Jtra” platform, and impressed millions with his acting chops in several different avatars. 
The hilarious acts he performed take a dig at the media frenzy around the Maharashtrian Acting star, with Akshay playing the roles, each of his Characters is unique from each other, his performances always attract youth to be their youth icon.

Akshay Tanksale is the rise of entertainment and the most influential youth icon in today’s Marathi film industry.
He has always made the audience happy with his performances in each category of his acting. Now he is also creating a buzz with his unique content on social media to entertain people.

He had done many movies to date and which have also given success at the box office and also on national television too.
Akshay is a hardworking and talented guy, he always grabs the opportunity and makes it a success

Akshay has achieved many milestones at a young age. He is an accomplished, self-driven man dedicated to empowering people all over the world. This young man is destined for plentiful achievements – and we wish him all the best for her future projects.

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