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With Freedom Accelerator, Paul Hilse Helps Others Achieve Financial Freedom

Due to various stay-at-home orders and changing attitudes caused by COVID-19, YouTube has grown even larger, with over 50% of Americans saying that they use the video-sharing platform now more than ever, according to Statista. Considering that the website already had over two billion monthly active users in 2019, this growth has made YouTube an almost unavoidable presence in most people’s lives, being second only to Google in popularity, as reported by Hootsuite.

Because of this, a growing number seem to want a slice of the YouTube pie. Social Blade reported that every day over three hundred channels hit ten-thousand subscribers and an average of four reach the one-million mark.

The faces behind these channels vary greatly, ranging from teens aspiring to become global celebrities to businesses hoping to leverage YouTube’s deep marketing potential. While this shows YouTube’s approachability and the opportunity for anyone to succeed, it also exhibits the heavy competition that faces anyone hoping for success. Anyone can succeed, but not everyone will.

When Paul Hilse and his family became homeless after a scam wiped out all of their real estate investments, he found a new chance to pursue the American Dream on YouTube. Today, he makes six-figures of passive income per month with his media company, Freedom Accelerator, and he helps countless others achieve financial freedom as well. 

Paul started as most YouTube content creators, spending hours per day on the grind of scriptwriting and video-editing. In the beginning, Paul admits, he had little to show for it.

His first big break, however, came when one of his videos got picked up by YouTube’s algorithm. This boosted his entire channel and gave him his first YouTube payday of $246. The payoff, however, came in much more than money. The experience pushed Paul to greater heights and inspired him to look further into how he could scale his growing business.

As part of his scaling efforts, Paul began to focus on building infrastructure and looking into hiring and outsourcing to freelancers for content creation. This was Paul’s second big-break, and it was a game-changer. Paul was not only producing higher-quality content, but also he was able to do so more passively. From this, Paul realized the profitability of YouTube Automation and how he could help others achieve financial freedom.

Today, Paul distinguishes his company through the unique quality of their services that manifests in their results. To date, Paul Hilse has scaled multiple channels from zero to six-figures per year. Some of Paul’s biggest successes include scaling a channel to $1.2M profit in just six months and helping a broke Uber driver make $34k per month in passive income.

At the end of the day, for Paul Hilse, it’s about impact and helping others.

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