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Emerging artist out of Kansas City Carlucci Keys is gaining traction worldwide as his debut single surpasses one million views on SoundCloud

After going viral and trending with over one million views with his most recent post on Instagram titled SportsCenter (scTop10),  management for  Carlucci Keys would come to decide that they feel it would be a good idea for him to take a different path with his career and take some time off from modeling. With that being said , Carlucci Keys would turn to music ….. within its first month, the re-release of his song (Reggie Bush) peaked! It wouldn’t take much longer for the number of plays/streams to hit one million.  If you are trying to download or hear the new breakout single your best bet would be to check out SoundCloud, this song hasn’t been uploaded to other music platforms or any digital stores as of yet, as we are told by his management, that the reason being is because the song release was primarily just intended as a trial run at first, but since the hit single peaked and is gettin spins internationally, it only makes sense to continue pushing the record.

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