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Grammys 2019: Katy Perry condemned for seeming to attempt and upstage Dolly Parton amid Grammys tribute

The 2019 Grammy Awards included a 10-minute all-star tribute to Dolly Parton, however one entertainer was censured by some on social media for seeming to attempt and upstage the country music legend: Katy Perry.

Perry, decked out in red and gold cowgirl country, and nation singer Kacey Musgraves started the tribute with a version of Parton’s 1977 “Here You Come Again,” when Parton strolled on stage to go along with them.

The three singers traded lines from the song, however Perry belted out a couple of notes that appeared to be simply outside her range and fell off “pitchy,” as was depicted by a few. Social media clients said something, condemning Perry for destroying the performance.

“I’ve seen war. I’ve seen violence. But I’ve never witnessed anything close to the barbaric murder Katy Perry just committed on @DollyParton,” wrote one Twitter user.

Others addressed why Perry, a pop singer, was chosen to go with nation musicians for a tribute to Parton. After the first song, the tribute continued relatively unscathed with a medley of Parton’s other songs performed by Miley Cyrus, Maren Morris, and Little Big Town.

The musical celebration of Parton’s accomplishments and philanthropic work denoted the first country artist to be saluted in the tribute’s 29-year history.

The tribute was not the first Parton had performed with Perry in front of an audience. The two recently sang together amid the 2016 American Country Music Awards.

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