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What is the difference between composing and arranging a song !? says Ahmed Almuhandes, the top Arabic arranger

The role of composer and arranger in a musical work abroad

To begin with, let’s look at the meaning of these terms abroad. It is interesting to know that the application of composer and arranger to people in foreign music is somewhat different from Iranian music, and this is a strange point. Composing usually comes from composing. The overseas composer is known as the Songwriter and Music Composer, and his job is to combine the song with the melody and compose the melody to present to the arranger. The regulator outside of Iran is not in the state mentioned in the Iranian market, and the regulators in the international market are generally called Producer. In international music, the producer has a task beyond the arranger, and in addition to the arrangement, he is directly involved in all the production of a work of formation and presentation.

Definition of composition in classical music

Perhaps one of the reasons for the disagreement between musicians and the definition of a composer is rooted in the definition of a composer in classical music. In classical music in previous decades, a composer was a person who, with his knowledge of music, wrote a melody in the form of notes written on the carrier lines. But at present such a case does not exist, at least in the pop style and in our country

Who is called a composer in the Iranian music market?

We start the topic with composing. The phrase “composer” or Music By, which can be seen in the pop music covers of our country, is actually the melody of the vocalist (singer’s voice) in a song. The composer’s job in the Iranian market is to compose a suitable melody for the vocalist and singer of a music with words. This melody can be composed from scratch and then the song can be placed on it and a melody can be composed on a ready-made song. A composer or melody maker in Iran does not need to know music theory for sure, and a melody can be created only by using his talent. However, there are many composers who create a melodic line by mastering the harmony of music and chords. But in fact, this issue and understanding the theory and harmony of music is not necessary for the composer. In many cases, it has even been observed that the composer whispers his production melody with his mouth and leaves it to the arranger!

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