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Musician Ohdes is coming with his own website

Recently the dutch up and coming producer from the Netherlands named Ohdes launched his own website. As we are close friends with Ohdes him self we had asked him a few questions about his website via his Instagram DM account (@ohdesmusic). And he told us that the web site is not finished yet and that he is working on the web site by himself. As we had seen earlier on his instagram we saw Ohdes and Marifa wearing a iconic “OH” T-Shirt. The “OH” is the official logo of Ohdes. 

That is why we had asked him if he was going to sell the OH T-shirts and he told us that he was not only going to sell T-Shirts with the logo on them but also other branded clothing and stuff. This clothing could be anything from a tracksuit to a OH cap or even a OH belt. As of now Ohdes has asked us not to provide any information about what kind of products he is going to sell on his web site.

Of course we already have seen some of the designs that Ohdes is planning to sell on his website but as the website is not finished yet we are not going to link the website here but we will keep you up to date with any Ohdes, Electronic Dance & Music related subjects in the future.

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