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Meet Brian “Essince” Collins – The Prince of Hip Hop Marketing

URB Magazine calls him the “poster hip-hopper for the American dream“. As a music marketing expert, not many have achieved as many #1 Billboard albums/singles as he has (13, at the last count!). But Brian “Essince” Collins is a lot more than a music marketing guru.

A giant in the American music industry, standing 6’6” tall, Essince is a man who transforms musicians into the greatest talents the industry has ever seen.

 A tale of hope & heroism

Today, Essince is renowned as the founder of Royal Heir Entertainment. Having started his career in music at the tender age of 11, he’s made great waves in different niches such as recording, producing, and international Music Marketing. But before his journey to stardom began, Essince was a small child, born into abject poverty.

Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, in the year 1986, Essince was placed into adoption soon after. It was here that his Midwestern-US parents, who were in search of a child they could love and raise, found him. Within weeks, the adoption process was complete and Brian “Essince” Collins moved to live with his family in Ohio. This was the start to an fascinating life – one which Essince has painstakingly carved for himself.

What started as small-time gigs in Ohio soon became national-level concerts. And soon, Essince found himself being invited to Europe and Asia to speak at music conferences and introduce his clients to the world. Today, Essince has worked with leading names in the Hip Hop industry, such as Jay-Z & Queen B, Chance the Rapper, J Cole, MGK, Big Sean, and more.

A leader who leads others to victory

Essince is the very definition of a true leader. He leads others to achieve their personal victories in deeply fulfilling ways.

His reputed international Music Marketing company Royal Heir Entertainment has helped many fledgling musicians find their big breaks in the American and international music industry. By offering affordable international promotional support and representation to small artists, Essince and Royal Heir Entertainment have transformed the landscape of the American music industry forever. His vision for the world of music – specifically hip hop – has made the genre more accessible to people from around the world.

In addition to his contribution to music, Essince is also the owner of the minor league professional basketball team, “Akron Aviators“. He has provided them the spectacular stage they need to reach national and international success.

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