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Teenage father turned Miami’s Go-To Real Estate Broker and Luxury Concierge Services CEO: Meet Kenneth Grant

Kenneth Grant is an exceptional real estate professional and owner of luxury car concierge service, High Rollers Luxury.  He has established himself among some of the most discerning buyers and sellers in the city of Miami as the owner of the number 1 brokerage in Southern Florida, Grant & Associates RE, Inc, featuring iconic homes and luxury auto services. The Miami native has a proven career track, with a roster of Hip Hop and sports entertainment clientele including Alexis Skyy and a few NFL athletes.

His journey to entrepreneurship and real estate leadership began humbly after the birth of his first daughter.  He grew up in Miami Gardens, a community just north of Miami, his current real estate farming region. Both of his parents were in the industry, so closing deals run in the family. He worked as a paralegal in a real estate law firm for 10 years before becoming an agent himself. Kenneth says, “One of the greatest lessons my father taught me was how to be a provider for my family no matter what! When I found out I was going to be a teenage father I was terrified and confused as to what kind of life I would have for my daughter.” After much prayer and support from his family, Kenneth took a leap of faith and pursued his dream full time. Not too long after making a name for himself as an agent, Grant took his craft to the next level and opened up his own brokerage, Grant & Associates RE, Inc, consisting of 20 agents he supports, trains and mentors.

Kenneth Grant has an innate sense of leadership and developed his unique brand of customer experience that gives him an unrivaled edge, rooted in his unwavering drive to conquer challenges and finetune his services. His 10 years of experience in real estate law gave him expert knowledge on navigating the legal aspects of the real estate space and tackling a range of demanding deliverables. A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Florida International University gives him insight on understanding the diversity of his clients’ needs. Kenneth is trusted by many in his hometown and industry heavy hitters because his personal passion and style align with theirs. There is a sense of comfort and familiarity that exudes from his passion and knowledge for the culture.

“Honesty, providing excellent services, always putting clients’ interests ahead of anything else, and always being available, encompass the service I provide. Doing whatever it takes to make clients’ experiences as pain-free as possible.”

Visit Kenneth Grant’s real estate page to find your dream home.

Check out Kenneth Grant on Instagram:

High Rollers Luxury Car Concierge Services: @highrollersluxury

Grant & Associates, RE Inc.: @grantandassociatesreinc

Personal: @grant_the_broker

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