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“Speakers” In the Words of King of Memory of Iran, Morteza Javid

Motivational Speakers: These educators and speakers are more popular because people are inherently interested in being motivated and need someone who gives them positive energy. People who have a more social and extroverted personality and are interested in motivational topics can hold high-quality motivating lectures and classes, laughter yoga, principles of happy living, etc.

Advisors: Some people prefer to work on ethical and communication issues as the advisors and counselors of small groups. This type of work is more suitable for introverts. Advisors and counselors handle changing the behavior, finding the root of problems, and providing the clients with solutions.

Coach: Middle-aged individuals who teach in a specific field can use their experience and knowledge and help others as professional coaches. A person who works in the field of coaching can provide in-depth and systematic solutions according to the capabilities of the participants. So, if you are going to work in this field, you need to gain years of experience and academic knowledge.

Technique-Based Speakers: People like Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, Richard Bandler, José Silva, etc. are speakers whose speech styles are based on information and techniques, and those who attend their speeches are looking for techniques that bring quick results for a business, communication, and time management.

Inspirational Speakers: Speakers such as Wayne Dyer, Napoleon Hill, Debbie Ford, and Stephen Covey act as spiritual teachers or life coaches. Those who seek a deeper connection with the universe and God are fans of these works and speeches.

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