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USA Receives the One UI 6.1 Upgrade for Unlocked Galaxy A15 5G Units

The Galaxy A15 5G’s One UI 6.1 upgrade was only available to carrier-locked versions of the device until a few days ago when Samsung released it in the US. Currently, the factory-unlocked units’ update has been finally published by the corporation.

In the US, Galaxy A15 5G Receives the One UI 6.1 Update

The factory-unlocked Galaxy A15 5G now has the One UI 6.1 upgrade from Samsung available in the US. Firmware version A156U1UEU1BXDB and the April 2024 security patch are included in the 1.8GB update.

You may download and install the latest update for your factory-unlocked Galaxy A15 5G in the US by opening the Settings app, going to Software update, and selecting Download and install.

Features of One UI 6.1 for the Galaxy A15 5G

Improved image editing tools in One UI 6.1 include the ability to copy and paste an object from one image into another using the clipboard in the Gallery app. Additionally, it enhances the quality of searches in the Gallery app.

Wallpapers can have effects and frames applied to them. You may give wallpapers with humans or animals a depth-of-field effect. New lock screen widgets are available.

Customization of alarm and reminder signals is extensive. You can utilize AR emojis, photos, and videos for alarms. You can change the content location and add personalized backgrounds and colors for reminder notifications.

With One UI 6.1, you may further customize the Calendar app by adding custom stickers (up to two are supported). The settings tab for the Calendar app has also been updated. Reminder category icons can be changed, and you can even pin categories to the app’s home screen.

You may use new criteria for Routines, reorganize Modes, and turn Modes on and off from the home screen with the latest version of One UI. A new iteration of Quick Share is available.

The new Samsung Find app allows you to find compatible devices that have been lost or stolen. The software allows you to see friends’ and family’s locations as well as share your own.

Synchronizing tab groups in web browsers across multiple Galaxy devices that are connected to the same Samsung account is now possible with the Samsung Internet app.

Samsung Cloud now employs end-to-end encryption to safeguard data. Passkey is now supported by Samsung Wallet, making it simpler and safer to log into websites and apps.

You may now challenge yourself by looking at your previous records with Samsung Health. Additionally, you can choose unique daily exercise goals. Users can input physical symptoms and psychological data for tracking female health.

More local forecast data is now included in the stock Weather app’s widget. Without concealing the Samsung Keyboard, you may speak input into text messages.

You can open all minimized apps at once with One UI 6.1. Google Search returns relevant web search results, which are now displayed on the Finder screen. Additionally, One UI 6.1 adds extra choices for battery health protection.

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