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Samsung Leak Discloses New Galaxy Z Fold 6 Specifications And Cost

Although Samsung’s plans to enlarge the Galaxy Z Fold 6’s cover and main display have already been made public, the South Korean giant is also experimenting with some stylish color selections.

Well-known smartphone leaker Evan Blass has revealed information on the retail base colors of the foldable as well as the hues that will only be accessible on Samsung’s website. The premium foldable will come in five different colors: blue, pink, silver shadow, white, and handmade black.

The two latter hues, crafted black and white, will only be accessible via Samsung’s website. Considering how common white and black cellphones are in comparison

According to a survey, black is the most popular color for smartphones among consumers (38.5%), followed by white (17.4%). That represents more than 50% of the inquiries. Since Samsung is keeping certain colors exclusive to its own store, I believe that a sizable portion of sales are made via the corporate website, giving Samsung control over the consumer rather than a carrier or merchant.

Additionally, that raises Samsung’s profit margin on the product, which should enable more exclusive online-only deals.

Not only have specifications for the new colors been revealed, but we also know what the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will cost in the US. According to SmartPrix, Samsung is going to increase the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 model by $100. As a result, the 256 GB model will cost $1,899, the 512 GB model will cost $2,019, and the 1 TB model will cost $2,259.

Consumers may query what the $100 extra will deliver, especially if Samsung persists with its choice of a camera that debuted in the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and will now appear in three generations of foldable phones.

The only consolation prize would be Samsung’s penchant for sales and promotions, which might easily offset the $100 price difference, but they won’t last long. You must act quickly if you want to get the greatest deal on your new foldable phone.

Samsung provided “double the storage” during the pre-launch of the Galaxy S24 series, with the 256 GB devices priced at the same as the 128 GB list price, the 512 GB model at the same price, and the 1 TB model at the same price. Discounts were also available from Samsung on a range of Galaxy Watch accessories and Buds.

Early in July, at a Galaxy Unpacked event, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is anticipated to launch alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 6.

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