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iOS Pay is Headed to Windows! But to Use It, You Must Have An iPhone

Apple revealed a number of significant updates to iOS, iPadOS, and macOS at WWDC. Additionally, the tech giant revealed Apple Intelligence, a Windows Recall-like AI function. However, there’s been a somewhat underappreciated update to the Apple ecosystem that might have a significant impact for certain Windows users. With iOS 18, users will be able to utilize Apple Pay to make online payments even when using a different browser than Safari.

With this update, Apple Pay should now work for Windows customers using Edge, Chrome, or any other browser.

Developers can easily integrate Apple Pay support into websites, according to Apple. After configuration, websites display the Apple Pay log followed by a “Scan Code with iPhone” prompt. After then, users can scan that code with their iPhone in the same way that they would any other QR code. The iPhone is used to finish the payment procedure itself.

Microsoft and Apple aren’t exactly best friends. The tech behemoths have a lengthy history of major disputes and compete in a number of markets. That being said, there is a great deal of overlap between the software, services, and hardware produced by Apple and Microsoft. Several factors determine how well Apple and Microsoft products combine.

Microsoft places a high priority on cross-platform availability of Microsoft 365 and other services, which is why products like Office are fully supported on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. Office applications are sometimes more suited to Apple hardware than to Windows-powered devices.

On the other hand, iTunes was required for years instead of Apple Music for Windows customers who utilized Apple services for music. This year, only apps for Apple Devices (a management software for Apple gear), Apple Music, and Apple TV were shipped to the Microsoft Store.

In general, Microsoft appears to put forth more effort in integrating the Apple and Microsoft ecosystems, while Apple has also made some progress in this area. For instance, iCloud and the Windows 11 Photos app can now be integrated. iMessages can be sent and received via Microsoft Phone Link.

When someone uses Apple Pay, it’s quite likely that they already own an iPhone, unlike with iMessage, which is frequently desired by people without an iPhone. This lessens the inconvenience of having to scan codes using an iPhone. For those who want to make online payments and have both a PC and an iPhone, this functionality seems like a logical solution to make their lives easier.

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