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Multifaceted Dr. Tevin Naidu is a man of many titles

He’s a medical doctor. He’s pursuing a master’s degree in the philosophy and ethics of mental health. He’s a former Mr. India South Africa. He’s an actor, model and well-known South African television presenter. He is Tevin Naidu.

Far from an identity crisis, Tevin’s fame began at a very young age. At age 9, he learnt to play multiple traditional indian instruments and became an award winning Tablaist. At 15, he had already been gracing some of South Africa’s most elite fashion week shows as a mainstream model. At 17, he completed high school with all distinctions, including 100% for mathematics! At 18, Tevin became the youngest-ever Mr. India South Africa. At 21, he hosted 2 of South Africa’s most popular Asian lifestyle and entertainment television shows (Eastern Mosaic on SABC 2 and Mela on SABC 3). At 24, he was a castaway on Survivor South Africa, in the Philippines. He has helped the South African Broadcasting Commision of South Africa (SABC) recruit presenters for their most successful television shows, Top Billing, Afternoon Express and Expresso Breakfast Show – on SABC 3.
He sings, he dances, he’s funny, he loves improve and does amazing voice impersonations. He does all of this while studying Medicine and working as a Medical Doctor. We’ve come across many doctors throughout our careers, but none as multidimensional as Tevin Naidu! Tevin does research on schizophrenia’s effect on consciousness, psychedelic assisted psychotherapy and mindfulness meditation’s effect on mental health. He has spent a year in the military for the South African Military Health Services – a branch of the South African National Defence Force. He has graced television screens in South Africa, and internationally, for a decade now and is only 27.

So what’s next for this young man? Well, he clearly has no intention of slowing down. He is now set on adding “podcaster” to his amazing resume’. He believes that the planet has become infected with misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and hate-speech. To help counter this pernicious disease, equipped with his diverse background in medicine, philosophy and presenting, he is set to launch a podcast that addresses many of the trials and tribulations that face humanity.

Tevin has an incredibly vast vault of knowledge that he has developed and nurtured over the years. His deep understanding of the human condition resulted from an obsession with neuroscience, psychology, sociology, linguistics, anthropology, evolutionary biology (etc.) from a very young age. He recalls reading Oliver Sacks as a child – which he considered to be a fundamentally life changing experience. Tevin’s understanding of the human mind and how we think, feel, experience, will become a useful tool on his podcasting journey. His incredible depth, wit and intelligence, coupled with his amazing story-telling ability, will make his podcast an enormous success. Tevin’s aim is to make the podcast as relatable as possible while providing as much evidence-based information with unbiased commentary. His ability to transform complex phenomena into easy-to-understand terminology will allow listeners from all backgrounds to tune in.

His charm, charisma and confidence will surely captivate audiences. However, we believe that his amazingly humble and endearing personality is what will keep people listening. His humility, for a man who has achieved so much, is why we are surely going to be listening to what Dr. Tevin Naidu has to say. In fact, we’d listen to Tevin… 24/7!

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