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Nothing feels worse than following imposter accounts/ fake accounts and increasing their follower count in the hope of finding genuine content. Instagram and several other apps try to solve this problem by providing authentic, original, and genuine users with a blue badge that proves their authenticity. A verified account not only attracts more followers but also establishes a strong brand thereby preventing imposters from sharing misinformation and ruining your brand name. So how do we get a blue badge? Simple! Supersize Social.

Before we delve deeper into how to get yourself verified, it is important to understand the benefits of having the blue badge that every account longs for. A verified account ensures trustworthiness and increases your credibility thereby attracting more followers and popularity. Further, gaining that blue badge helps create awareness about your brand and leads to a large inflow of organic followers who will come across your account through hashtags and ‘suggested users’. The best part about being verified is the access one would get to certain Instagram features! Instagram has certain features such that of including a swipe-up link in stories, that are limited to only those accounts with over 10K followers. However, if you were to get the blue tick against your profile, you will be able to access this and many such features without the restrictions! Lastly. Who doesn’t find blue tick accounts to be attractive? There is something about having the verified badge against your profile that makes you stand out and exclusive, thus making more users follow you.

As appealing as it sounds to have a blue badge, obtaining that blue tick can be a tedious process requiring documents and legalities. As a growing business, you often have a lot on your plate and find yourself lost deep in legalities, so why not let someone else take care of it for you? At Supersize social, all we expect of you is to build a strong PR campaign for your brand. Each client is helped throughout the verification process right from building the PR base to submitting the verification application. You can choose a plan best suited to your needs that can help broaden your reach. Having a broad reach is important as it helps Instagram understands your popularity and why your account deserves a blue badge. Further, a strong PR base will help increase your eligibility and increase the chances of getting the application approved. At Supersize Social we shall help you build your brand name and create Wikipedia or Google knowledge page to further shed light on your importance and authenticity. Lastly, the employees at Supersize Social will also submit your application on your behalf, thereby sparing you from the hassle of filling out forms and following up.

Sounds so convenient, doesn’t it? Think no more and opt for Supersize Social today to get the blue tick against your name in the fastest, cheapest, and safest way possible.

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