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Sergey Tokarev shares success story of best app on Google Play in 2020

Reface, a face replacement app, has gotten a phenomenal start that most of the startups wish to have. Sergey Tokarev, an investor of Reface, talks about how the Reface app reached such a huge level in its first year.

Important Milestones Achieved by Reface

Reface has surpassed some important milestones in its first year including 75 million downloads, investment from Andreessen Horowitz, collaborations with dozens of international celebrities, and status of the best app on Google Play. Only rare startups get such huge achievements in the first year of their launch. Reface is one of those startups that become a full-fledged company. Sergey Tokarev expresses his views on the success of this app that works on a unique face replacement technology.  

The Growth of Reface

The Reface app witnessed exponential growth since its release back in January 2020. It reached 1 million downloads within the first three months of its release. Now, the app has already been downloaded by at least 75 million users across the world. “The app keeps on maintaining strong positions in the charts, and the number of downloads keeps on growing,” notes Sergey Tokarev. Millions of users swap faces on their images by using this app on regular basis and share their results on social media platforms. The app reached the top of AppStore and Google Play by the end of this summer. Reface has now developed into a noticeable Ukrainian company with over 100 employees. The headquarter of the company is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. International celebrities including Snoop Dog, Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, Britney Spears, and many more shared the results of the app on social media platforms. It helped the app to reach more and more people across the world.   

The Development of Reface

The development team behind Reface started working on this project in 2011. They worked on modernizing the machine learning methods. After a while, the developers started pursuing their own face replacement technology based on artificial intelligence. The hard work of the team resulted in unique Reface technology. “After a while, the guys improved the technology so that you could swap faces not only on static images but also on GIFs and videos,” adds Sergey Tokarev. The app got a huge attraction due to its uniqueness. At the moment, there are no competitors of the app at the global level. The uniqueness of the technology is the main strength of Reface. “Millions of people regularly use the app for swapping their images and share the results on social media,” says Reface investor.

Investors of Reface

Andreessen Horowitz invested $5.5 million in Reface in November 2020. Investors in Facebook, Uber, Microsoft, and Twitter also made handy contributions in Reface. The managers of Britney Spears and Justin Bieber also invested in the app. Reface is hopeful that the support and investment coming from Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital fund based in Silicon Valley, will help to improve the face replacement technology.  

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