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Trailanx 2021 Singapore Conference

Trailanx Capital Organises annual conferences around the globe with the most recent one completed in Singapore, in February 2021 which saw a massive attendance of 2000 investors and 7 Speakers from the world’s largest blockchain companies. At the event, Investors were afforded the opportunity to see in-depth videos about their operations.

The Trailanx Summit has secured its place on the global tech calendar as the premier platform for investors in to meet and network to grow their base and outreach.

The 2nd Conference and also the inaugural Asia edition of the Trailanx summit, took place in Singapore, bringing companies from East and West together for more networking, more high-quality content, and more business opportunities than ever before.

Attendees could connect with over 2,000 eager delegates,. In addition, Michael Ping hosted Investors in the same location to an investors dinner on the same dates, facilitating greater synergy between the Mining and emerging tech sectors, and prompting wider prospects for new business than ever before.

The Trailanx summit offers additional opportunities through a number of global satellite events and networking dinners, as well as producing a bi-annual publication, in both English and Mandarin, and an editorial news site packed full of in-depth interviews and articles.

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Trailanx is a cryptocurrency investing service that invests assets in Cryptocurrency mining, Staking and Loans. Trailanx users earn as high at 15% interest a month with 10% referral bonuses.

Trailanx is backed by some of the world largest Venture capital firms and currently has 76 employees with 50% remote staff across the globe. Trailanx is close to unicorn status in valuation.

Trailanx pays daily interest to its investors with a minimum withdrawal option of 50$. The CEO Michael Ping is up to push the company to a valuation of 5B USD over the next 2 years and at this rate of growth. It is achievable.

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