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Know how Platinum Times Company achieved greatness in business as a luxury watch company

The honesty and authenticity of the brand have multiplied their presence and name in the luxury watch markets.

Sometimes all one needs is the right success stories to take inspiration from. Knowing more about the success stories of the world across industries instills more hope and positivity in entrepreneurs and this leads them towards creating companies that can flourish the way they desire. Platinum Times Company is a brand that has become a case study for many up and comers in the luxury watch markets, inspiring them to create greatness in the industry like them. Knowing more about such companies also lets people know how the brand started, its journey and the many trial and errors it made to reach where it is today. Raul, who serves as the founder of Platinum Times Company, initiated it in 2010 and since then has only made consistent efforts to scale his brand to newer heights.

Everything started with Raul’s passion for watches from his childhood and while he was still in his teens, he had acquired a decent collection of watches. His passion kept on growing and he was sure what he wanted to do with that. To become an entrepreneur in the same, he decided to travel the world and meet new clients. With optimizing his networking skills, he scaled his business and today; it has reached a prominent position in the industry, known as Platinum Times Company.

The brand today breathes an extensive range of brands from which customers can choose from. Their expertise in buying, selling and trading luxury watches have further thrust them forward in the industry. Also, the fact that the Platinum Times Company team are passionate individuals has made them experts at providing the best customer service to all their clients. Platinum Times Company has a physical store located at Laredo, Texas, and has a presence worldwide with clients from over 20 countries.

Not just that, they are planning to have physical locations in five countries. Platinum Times Company offers time pieces that are guaranteed authentic and includes inventory ranging from Rolex, Hublot, Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet, to name a few. They are also the industry leaders for their 18-month warranty, 10-day no hassle returns, and same-day shipping services.

With providing so many exceptional services, Platinum Times Company has truly become one of the most successful and reliable luxury watch companies. It has earned many celebrity clients as well, who tag the company often on Instagram. To keep getting more updates about them, follow them on Instagram @platinumtimesco and visit the website,

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