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TJ aka Adem Dere, is a 10x entrepreneur, an author, mentor and a coach for hundreds of people around the world

He is a self-made entrepreneur, investor and stock trader, full of enthusiasm and is influencing millions.

This 1992-born young entrepreneur hailing from Iran has changed the marketing parameters. Graduating from mechanical engineering he worked as a marketing manager, but his heart was hitched on entrepreneurship and the whole world of business. Since tender age, Adem used to love marketing and leadership subject along with socialising with new people. This has what turned him into a well-known entrepreneur, author, mentor, and coach to millions out there. He supposes leadership has given him the ability ignite the motivation in other people to do and be their best in business.

Along with a team leader, Dere is the founder of Sinry Academy, a comprehensive e-commerce solution designed to teach people how to build their e-commerce empire by selling digital products. He also authors books and creates courses to share his knowledge and help others achieve their goals. Adem’s passion for helping others succeed, turned him into a motivational speaker where he shares his knowledge and expertise to budding youths. Determination and an inclination to achieve his dreams through passion gave him the desired result. Despite being a rare gem in various industries, TJ lives a simple life which keeps him down to earth.

Adem has immersed himself in such competitive niche and has made sure to spare no effort in making giant strides in the same. His journey to success was not walk in the park. His hard work, passion, and dedication made him overcome obstacles, and we all can see the results. He today is being looked upon by many of his followers as a role model and a successful entrepreneur. Adem exclaims, “As a funder of several businesses, I know that success is tough, so you need to act constantly, with loyalty to your dreams, you will be the legend then, who creates opportunities.”

Adem Dere aka TJ is a true marketing entrepreneur, coach, motivational speaker, founder and the list can go on and on…

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