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Business, a Chinese e-commerce giant, will launch a product based on ChatGPT

One of China’s largest e-commerce players,, announced on Friday that it will launch a product in the style of ChatGPT. This joins a rash of Chinese giants announcing plans for rival technology that has generated global excitement.

ChatJD, according to JD, will be an “industrial version” of ChatGPT. It will be a financial and retail-specific chatbot product.

According to JD, the product will be capable of human-to-computer communication as well as content generation.

A chatbot that makes use of generative artificial intelligence is called ChatGPT, and it was developed by OpenAI, a startup based in San Francisco. It responds with responses that are similar to those of a human being when people ask it questions.

This week, Microsoft announced that ChatGPT will be integrated into its Bing search engine and Edge web browser. Microsoft is a significant investor in the technology.

In the past few days, tech giants all over the world have announced their own competitors as a result of ChatGPT’s widespread popularity.

As part of a “code red” strategy to meet the challenge posed by ChatGPT, Google introduced its artificial intelligence chatbot technology known as Bard.

On Wednesday, Alibaba stated that it is developing a rival to ChatGPT specifically for its cloud computing customers.

JD stated that ChatJD will be able to assist with financial analysis and generate product summaries for shopping websites. In order to set itself apart from its rival ChatGPT, the business is hoping to draw on its expertise in e-commerce, logistics, and payments.

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