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Actor Artist Athlete Nick E. Stahl

Nick E. Stahl is an entrepreneur, fitness expert, bodybuilder, social media influencer & actor. Born in Philadelphia and then raised in the small-town suburb of Oxford, Pennsylvania. Nick E. Stahl wanted to make it big in the fitness industry. Nick knowledge base grew from studying Kinesiology Movement Science at the Penn State University and later moved to Los Angeles. It was not always a smooth journey for Nick as he had moved far away from his family at a tender age.

Being a sport and fitness enthusiast from childhood, Nick became a fitness trainer early on at the University. Nick transitioned to Southern California and trained at Venice Beach, Los Angeles. One of the best bodybuilding epicenters in the world. Nick had a successful career as a young inspiring bodybuilder. Competing in “seven” bodybuilding competitions thus far. Nick is two time Nationally Qualified Men’s Physique Competitor, placing and qualifying on both on the East & Western Coasts of the United States. Nick traveled to Pittsburg PA in back-to-back years to compete Nationally at the North American bodybuilding Championships.

Apart from bodybuilding Nick has many hobbies such as roller blading, hunting game and water-skiing. He started learning about fitness and bodybuilding at very young age to better himself playing both baseball & football. After gaining experience in fitness and bodybuilding Nick launched his own brand, UnSTAHLable. UnSTAHLable is a fitness & lifestyle brand where one can find all the accessories needed to better their lives. UnSTAHLable also provides online coaching as well as in person private training. The site has well over 300 blogs published which will help any fitness advocate.

As a social media influencer Nick E. Stahl is among the top 1% fitness experts on social media. In Fact, Nick was nominated and attended the first ever Worlds Social Media Influencer Awards 2018 overseas in the country Monaco. Currently his social media @nickstahlofficial has gone viral and is growing very fast. Nick is currently launching an acting career, find him on IMDB. He is taking multiple acting classes and also been signed by a leading talent agency, ETA. So far Nick has worked and collaborated with more than one hundred companies. For Nick, everything he has done so far is for his family & friends. He wants to grow his name so he can help save more lives in a holistic manner. According to Nick, loving yourself and everyone around you is the first step toward success. This positivity is what will push you forward in life, it’s all in your belief.

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